I thought I was going to get some leggings...


I am really picky about leggings.  I have been in the market for a legging for some time now.  The legging trend is not over and I still have opportunity to get and wear leggings.  There are so many low-budget leggings out there that a girl can get confused as to which direction to go.  I seriously doubt that any self-respecting women wants to slip into a pair of leggings that get increasingly more "pilly" with each wearing.

The same goes for those leggings that are stretched and thin near the back-seam.  You all know what I mean. When I see a stylish lady in leggings, a great boot, and a chic handbag bend over to reveal..... I don't want to accidently see that part of the body.

I thought I had found a pair.  In my Tory Burch trunk-show box arrived a gorgeous pair of cashmere leggings.  They are soft and feel incredible on the body.  They are also so unique, not just black.   My heart might have skipped a beat as I planned what to wear with them.

I spoke with Candice Purrington (ne Brittain) who is my inside source at Tory Burch Malibu.  Candice sends me the most exciting boxes of merchandise to my home.  She is also extremely stylish and know a lot about Tory Burch.  I asked what is being worn with the legging she sent and she suggested a long black turtleneck.  I think that will be much more attractive than the washed-out beige featured in the photo above.

So I am on the hunt for the turtleneck that must be long! Not because of that sheer back-seam but because the wild pattern on these leggings couldn't be less flattering.  I have no choice but to cover that up.  No one looks good in a pattern like that across the behind.  So, I guess the word of advice here is to check the rear view before walking out in a fab find like my new leggings.