Field Trip


Does the title of this post get your blood pumping?  Does it seem that I will now describe an exciting shopping adventure that resulted in fabulous style finds?

Sadly, that is not what I mean.  This post is going to be devoted to field trip-style clothing.  If there is such a thing?  I am writing today to hopefully answer my own style quandary.  What should I wear on a field trip with my kids?  I never have an appropriate outfit in my opinion to travel out with my children on class outings.  I feel like my clothes are too nice, maybe, for what is required?  Yet no one else seems to be in their pants-saved-for-painting? 

It seems that I never have a shoe that I want to wear.  My Tory Burch Reva Flats are not meant to hike at a regional park.  Conversely, I abhor the gym sneaker with tight jeans looks.  I see plenty of that at the Del Mar Fair.  So let's put that as item #1 to find: great shoe for field trip.

The second problem is the bottom option.  Yes, I have great jeans.  Most of them are too long to wear with flat shoes.  Then again, not all Jeggings should be at Riley's Farms as we re-enact Colonial life.  I also REFUSE to wear those crop khaki cargo pants that other chaperones all seem to have. Did the teacher issue out butt-accentuating long-crotched thigh-grabbing pants with the liability waivers? It seems to be a possibility. The bottom-line here is that I don't have a suitable jean for field trips.  That is need #2

So because San Diego is the land of casual clothes and real jewelry; Lululemon workout gear and diamond hoops can usually get me through those in-between situations.  You know what I mean.  The quick errand after the gym or dropping kids off in the morning.  Lululemon is gorgeous stuff with a flattering fit.  It also happens to be resistant to dirt and perfect for activities like a field trip.  Then again, I am not teaching gym at the Junior High, so there isn't a reason for me to always wear workout clothes.  While this isn't a need per se, but rather something to keep in mind, the activity appropriateness of my clothing

So here we get to tops.  I have the hardest time finding t-shirts that I like.  For a long time I bought nothing but the basic tee from Shade Clothing.  Sadly Shade tried to get to big and too diverse and they lost the best thing they had; the original basic tee pattern.  Now even the subsequent generations of their t-shirts are gone and Shade is out of business.  So t-shirts are back to being a PAIN.  T-shirts are very often skin-tight and leotard-like.  I actually prefer this fit to the other most common fit; mannish square with sqaures for sleeves.  Yuck!  I most especially dislike a T-shirt that is too short.  Moms! Listen too me.  When you are on a field trip, in the class, at the grocery, or just being... Do not wear a t-shirt that is too short.   Let's call this need #3; the best fitting t-shirt for the job.

Jackets! Again I have plenty of jackets.  I have a chic black satin trench I bought in Paris.  I have lots of great workout jackets that would be fine with a field trip jean (if I had such a pant).  I also have an incredible Bogner ski jacket that is so gorgeous it stops skier on the slopes.  Yet, remembering that I am in San Diego and even though other people wear a ski-type jacket on outings, I do not.  It is almost like wearing a bathing suit to the same such outing.  Just remember time and place, place and time.  Just like your bikini, a ski jacket is also not to be worn.  So I am really looking for a perfect jacket that will 1) look great 2) look geographically appropriate 3) layer nicely with my other appropriate pieces.   So need #4, the perfect jacket.

The field trip outfit needs:
#1 Shoes
#2 Pants or jeans
#3 Dream t-shirt
#4 Perfect jacket

Look for an update when I show you what I have found in my quest for the field trip perfect ensemble.