Fall Clothes and Coming Out of a Slump


Yikes! I haven't shared anything great in so long.  I spent the summer wearing workout clothes in the morning, a swim suit in the day, and who-knows-what to cook dinner.  I want to share some of my favorite picks for fall.  The clothes in the stores are gorgeous, and I can't wait to buy a few key things.

Here are my top picks....

I love these jeans

The best over-the-knee boots


Wow.. this dress is great! I think that black Wolford tights should be part of the outfit though... make it a little softer, not so edgy.


Lastly... I love this coat from Rachel Roy

I have tons of other great looking selections on my mind but its been 100 degrees in San Diego this week so I am going to have to hold off on wearing fall clothes. 

This week I think I will get a pedicure and have some fabulous fall color put on my toes.  That way they look better when I am shopping for some open-toe booties.