More thoughts on field trip clothing...


Here it is!  The field trip outfit.  Rather the outfit that I see everywhere I go with my kids.  Yes, I took this picture.  The sun was behind me you see and the shadow and arm of my little boy and my head are in the photo.  The point of the picture is the outfit.  I had to document her look and sadly I haven't had any training in reconnaissance photography.

Moving on to why I took the picture.  Here is a women who is dressed in clothes that while appropriate for the setting are so unflattering and so undesirable that I need to use this as an example to other moms.  Look at the fit of the pants.  They cut off her leg below the knee.  Then she is wearing socks that show well above her sneaker profile.  This makes her leg look short and wide.  BAD!  First, always were very low profile socks that do not peek out even 1 millimeter above your shoes.  Let the nature line of your ankle show.  It is more flattering to the leg.  The pants aren't doing her any favors either.  They don't do anyone a favor.  Baggy long-waisted (that is the length of the pant from waist to crotch) doesn't flatter the body.  What it does is make it look like your backside look like it is 1/3 of your body.   

                    Torso = 1/3
                    Rear-End = 1/3
                    Legs =1/3

I don't even need to get into the ways the shirt offended me.  Actually, I will name a few of the ways the shirt offended me. The day was October 29th so naturally there were many orange shirts to be seen at the San Diego Zoo.  There are those that like to get a bit festive or fall, take your pick.  An orange shirt doesn't make you festive if it fits like a sack and is wrinkled.  It also didn't flatter this women's coloring and it was so worn.  

So, I ask myself, is this what one wears to the zoo?  It the reason why I dont' have anything to wear because I don't get cargo pants at Costco when I am buying my laundry soap and blueberries?  Well if that's the case then I will not have the suitable clothes for outings like the zoo or the Mission at San Juan Capistrano.   The day I took this picture it was 86 degrees F.  I was wearing crop skinny jeans, a tie-dye ruched t-shirt and flip flops.  The flips were perfect in the hot weather but wouldn't be on a more substantial trail or in cooler temperatures. 

Foley + Corinna - Feather Bolero & Metallic Lace Dress - Neiman Marcus


Look at this ensemble... it couldn't be better looking.

Foley + Corinna  at Neiman Marcus

This is an absolutely stunning outfit.  I only wish that I was searching for more occasion clothing.  I want to wear a dress just about everyday.

Field Trip


Does the title of this post get your blood pumping?  Does it seem that I will now describe an exciting shopping adventure that resulted in fabulous style finds?

Sadly, that is not what I mean.  This post is going to be devoted to field trip-style clothing.  If there is such a thing?  I am writing today to hopefully answer my own style quandary.  What should I wear on a field trip with my kids?  I never have an appropriate outfit in my opinion to travel out with my children on class outings.  I feel like my clothes are too nice, maybe, for what is required?  Yet no one else seems to be in their pants-saved-for-painting? 

It seems that I never have a shoe that I want to wear.  My Tory Burch Reva Flats are not meant to hike at a regional park.  Conversely, I abhor the gym sneaker with tight jeans looks.  I see plenty of that at the Del Mar Fair.  So let's put that as item #1 to find: great shoe for field trip.

The second problem is the bottom option.  Yes, I have great jeans.  Most of them are too long to wear with flat shoes.  Then again, not all Jeggings should be at Riley's Farms as we re-enact Colonial life.  I also REFUSE to wear those crop khaki cargo pants that other chaperones all seem to have. Did the teacher issue out butt-accentuating long-crotched thigh-grabbing pants with the liability waivers? It seems to be a possibility. The bottom-line here is that I don't have a suitable jean for field trips.  That is need #2

So because San Diego is the land of casual clothes and real jewelry; Lululemon workout gear and diamond hoops can usually get me through those in-between situations.  You know what I mean.  The quick errand after the gym or dropping kids off in the morning.  Lululemon is gorgeous stuff with a flattering fit.  It also happens to be resistant to dirt and perfect for activities like a field trip.  Then again, I am not teaching gym at the Junior High, so there isn't a reason for me to always wear workout clothes.  While this isn't a need per se, but rather something to keep in mind, the activity appropriateness of my clothing

So here we get to tops.  I have the hardest time finding t-shirts that I like.  For a long time I bought nothing but the basic tee from Shade Clothing.  Sadly Shade tried to get to big and too diverse and they lost the best thing they had; the original basic tee pattern.  Now even the subsequent generations of their t-shirts are gone and Shade is out of business.  So t-shirts are back to being a PAIN.  T-shirts are very often skin-tight and leotard-like.  I actually prefer this fit to the other most common fit; mannish square with sqaures for sleeves.  Yuck!  I most especially dislike a T-shirt that is too short.  Moms! Listen too me.  When you are on a field trip, in the class, at the grocery, or just being... Do not wear a t-shirt that is too short.   Let's call this need #3; the best fitting t-shirt for the job.

Jackets! Again I have plenty of jackets.  I have a chic black satin trench I bought in Paris.  I have lots of great workout jackets that would be fine with a field trip jean (if I had such a pant).  I also have an incredible Bogner ski jacket that is so gorgeous it stops skier on the slopes.  Yet, remembering that I am in San Diego and even though other people wear a ski-type jacket on outings, I do not.  It is almost like wearing a bathing suit to the same such outing.  Just remember time and place, place and time.  Just like your bikini, a ski jacket is also not to be worn.  So I am really looking for a perfect jacket that will 1) look great 2) look geographically appropriate 3) layer nicely with my other appropriate pieces.   So need #4, the perfect jacket.

The field trip outfit needs:
#1 Shoes
#2 Pants or jeans
#3 Dream t-shirt
#4 Perfect jacket

Look for an update when I show you what I have found in my quest for the field trip perfect ensemble. 

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Looks I love....

All things Tory...


I just happened to have a lot of new Tory Burch stuff that I love.  I also want more Tory Burch stuff.  I will soon however start looking at more clothes and shoes and telling everyone about what I find.

I thought I was going to get some leggings...


I am really picky about leggings.  I have been in the market for a legging for some time now.  The legging trend is not over and I still have opportunity to get and wear leggings.  There are so many low-budget leggings out there that a girl can get confused as to which direction to go.  I seriously doubt that any self-respecting women wants to slip into a pair of leggings that get increasingly more "pilly" with each wearing.

The same goes for those leggings that are stretched and thin near the back-seam.  You all know what I mean. When I see a stylish lady in leggings, a great boot, and a chic handbag bend over to reveal..... I don't want to accidently see that part of the body.

I thought I had found a pair.  In my Tory Burch trunk-show box arrived a gorgeous pair of cashmere leggings.  They are soft and feel incredible on the body.  They are also so unique, not just black.   My heart might have skipped a beat as I planned what to wear with them.

I spoke with Candice Purrington (ne Brittain) who is my inside source at Tory Burch Malibu.  Candice sends me the most exciting boxes of merchandise to my home.  She is also extremely stylish and know a lot about Tory Burch.  I asked what is being worn with the legging she sent and she suggested a long black turtleneck.  I think that will be much more attractive than the washed-out beige featured in the photo above.

So I am on the hunt for the turtleneck that must be long! Not because of that sheer back-seam but because the wild pattern on these leggings couldn't be less flattering.  I have no choice but to cover that up.  No one looks good in a pattern like that across the behind.  So, I guess the word of advice here is to check the rear view before walking out in a fab find like my new leggings.



Tory Burch | SUEDE CIDNAY BOOTIE: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

If I was buying a new bootie today this would be it. I am making my plans for my busiest clothes wearing season. Just this week I have something every night of the week. I don't want to be caught in some an outfit that I hate or that I haven't thought about. I think that this little bootie will make so many of my clothes look fresher.

Fall Clothes and Coming Out of a Slump


Yikes! I haven't shared anything great in so long.  I spent the summer wearing workout clothes in the morning, a swim suit in the day, and who-knows-what to cook dinner.  I want to share some of my favorite picks for fall.  The clothes in the stores are gorgeous, and I can't wait to buy a few key things.

Here are my top picks....

I love these jeans

The best over-the-knee boots


Wow.. this dress is great! I think that black Wolford tights should be part of the outfit though... make it a little softer, not so edgy.


Lastly... I love this coat from Rachel Roy

I have tons of other great looking selections on my mind but its been 100 degrees in San Diego this week so I am going to have to hold off on wearing fall clothes. 

This week I think I will get a pedicure and have some fabulous fall color put on my toes.  That way they look better when I am shopping for some open-toe booties.