I just had to re-post a few shopping tips to help out in these financial times... so forgive me for repeating myself.  I have seen too much money being spent on "sale" or otherwise justifiable purchases that really don't add value to one's wardrobe.

Every time you spend $20 on a tank or a few dollars on flip-flops you are using up precious resources (your money) that could be applied elsewhere in a more purposeful way. 

Always have a working list of the clothing that your closet is lacking.  Keep in mind events you have in the future. I also have a list of the newest looks that I have a real desire to add
My list would look something like this:

1) Dresses... work, church, date-night
2) Black Sandals
3) White skinny jeans like the Paige Skyline
4) a few cute tops for Spring Break
5) 2010 swimsuit and cover ups
Zola Dress by Diane von Furstenberg

Notice there is not anywhere listed: trinket-like jewelry, misc. flip-flops, workout clothes.  These would be items that are easy to add either because they are at an accessible price-point ($7 flip-flops at Old Navy x every time I walk in their door), or because I like it and know that it works for me (Lululemon workout apparel is never wrong).  

To summarize:

1) Take inventory of what you have
2) Make a shopping list
3) Define your budget ahead of time
4) Know when to save vs. splurge
5) "Sale" only matters if it is something that you need and it fits your "now" body