The New Denim



I love the new denim.  If you don't know what I am talking about then you haven't been paying attention to the early spring developments in style that are happening all around you.  The new denim is what I want to be wearing when the cold is really gone and I am ready to embrace the new season. 

The new denim is showing up in so many stylish and great ways that I didn't anticipate.  I love seeing spring sandals in a denim fabrication, the sleek jackets, and denim leggings.  I have finally admitted that I like denim leggings.  I think that they will prove to be an invaluable piece upon which an entire spring capsule wardrobe could be built.

These leggings are $185 at Tory Burch

If you want to feel great in the spring, without spending a lot of money on new clothes, then start here.  You can wear these leggings 7 days and 7 ways before any one would catch on that you are in the same pant.  This is a best way to get maximum return on an investment.  Flirty tops, t-shirts, flats, and pumps can all be mixed and matched with these pants. 

My next favorite new denim item... shoes.  I haven't been able to narrow down which denim shoe is my favorite.  I love a great shoe and this spring the freshest fabrication is denim. 

Denim Pom Pom  by Lanvin at Net-a-Porter

Beckett Wedge at Tory Burch

Denim Cross-over Sandal by Lanvin  at Net-a-Porter

There are so many other really great shoes in denim, as well as dresses and accessories that I really do have to show you some more..

Vivienne Westwood Red Label at Net-a-Porter

  Alexander Wang Dress at Revolve Clothing

These are just a few of my favorite denim pieces that are available.  What is so gorgeous about each of these items is that they are still very feminine and flattering.  Sometimes denim can be very mannish and unflattering.  I don't see that being a problem with any of these lovely pieces.