The Sener dress at Tory Burch is now $225 from $365

I love the dress shown above.  I have written about it before as one of my favorite outfits.  I can not get it out of my head. It is so fun and bright.  I think that the sale came just in the nick-of-time (my birthday).  I have to think seriously to see if The Sener Dress will soon be living with me.

The next best sale item this Saturday is the Keena Dress at  Diane Von Furstenberg.
 The Keena Dress is now $325 from $465

I love the crinkly fabric.  I would love to add this fab find into my closet.  I think that it is a winter-to-late spring dress.  Check it out with the black tights then imagine a nude-colored sandal on a bare leg... tres chic! 

I just need to take a minute to address the idea of "SALE". I saw so many markdowns this morning.  I never get sick of the sale search engines and aggregators. There is a time and a place for all of this shopping technology and access to clothing. However, there is a lot of nonsense on sale and I would recommend that if you are a girl who likes to look great but doesn't have unlimited means, take it slowly.  Sale doesn't mean you need it.  Sale means the items you may want are possibly a better price.  

Some tips for navigating your way through all of the sale and promotional websites when you are shopping is to have a plan. Always have a working list of the clothing that your closet is lacking.  Keep in mind events you have in the future. I also have a list of the newest looks that I have a real desire to add
My list would look something like this:

1) Dresses... work, church, date-night
2) Black Sandals
3) White skinny jeans like the Paige Skyline
4) a few cute tops for Spring Break
5) 2010 swimsuit and cover ups

Notice there is not anywhere listed: trinket-like jewlery, misc. flip-flops, workout clothes.  These would be items that are easy to add either because they are at an accessible price-point ($7 flip-flops at Old Navy x every time I walk in their door), or because I like it and know that it works for me (Lululemon workout apparel is never wrong).  

So, you see that these two dresses that are on sale fit perfectly into my operational shopping list.  This allows me to stay on track.  I don't want to waste hours of shopping or online browsing just to see stuff I don't need.  I also want to keep my money working for me on a well-chosen wardrobe filled with pieces that I love.

I am going to stick to the list and continue to make 2010 a great year for style and budget.


Amber at The Pink Frock



Where are the tops? I have plenty of pants to wear it seems nowadays. I have tons of skirts. The dilemma when I get dressed in the morning is the paucity of exciting options for the top half of my body. I don't have a fresh and flirty selection of spring shirts.  I feel like my t-shirts are tired from being layered under cardigans all winter. I think that all my other tops need a bit of a break from the rotation also.  I think that some of my shirts are now down to $1.00 per wearing if I amortized the expense of them over time. The bottom line is that I need more tops to wear. 

I think that there are some really gorgeous shirts on the market right now for spring. I noticed that when I am shopping online or in a boutique I pass right by the bubble skirts or "boyfriend" jeans (most people should pass the boyfriend jean as they are not flattering nor a long-lasting look).  The colors are so lush and full of energy.  I should make a note that I have a tendency to pick tops when they are featured with white pants.  This list is no exception.  

My first pick is an Emilio Pucci top from Saks Fifth Avenue 


My next top that I love is this gorgeous print by Just Cavalli at Net-a-Porter

This next top in lipstick pink so pretty but edgy because of the asymmetry of the sleeves.  It is by McQ (the bridge line of Alexandar McQueen).  Of course Net-a-Porter is showing with a fabulous shoe, and flattering but sexy jeans.  


I love the line Haute Hippie.  I think all the tops are fabulous.  I like the edgy feel that isn't too heavy.  Sometimes the studded things and t-shirts with the chain accessories are a bit in-authentic when worn by the average women.   I think that this top would not have that problem as it is still lady-like but modern.  Check it out at Nordstrom .

I think this Helmut Lang draped jersey top is so beautiful.  The draping is beautiful and flattering and I think it would look chic under a suit as well as with a slim jean.  I think the best of is that it is an excellent price point for a designer piece but still a high quality fabrication.  It is also available at Nordstrom.

I found more tops at Revolve Clothing that I want to order up to my house TODAY!  I am drawn to the sparkle on this Nanette Lepore top.  I have to admit that have some Magpie tendencies; attraction to sparkle, lights, and shine.  I do like to take it in moderation, not everything one wears should have embellishment. 

Lastly on the subject of tops... I saw recently a retailer promoting the idea of wearing chino all the time.  They have some khaki/chino everyday planner and I think it is hideous.  I am definitely going with the more current and stylish picks above.  Chino is horrible and not flattering and too "camp counselor".  Ladies of the Pink Frock should stand clear.

For more ideas about looking great and feeling even better please visit

My Monday List...


I am in love with so many pretty clothes.  I read an article recently that said "pretty is back".  Well, I never thought that it had left.  In fact, if pretty was gone, how have you been dressing?  Would that be in opposition to pretty?  Different than pretty?  I believe that pretty is as pretty does sure... but it is so much easier to start off a conversation, meet someone new, or make an entrance when you are looking feminine, gorgeous, and feeling great.


Temperley Tunic and Christian Louboutin Sandals

Here are my  favorite outfits for Monday... these are the clothes that I am crazy for right now.  All these lovely ensembles are available at Net-a-Porter.

 Tory Burch Dress and Christian Louboutin Sandals


Rick Owens Jacket and Acne Jeans

Christian Louboutin python pumps and Chloe blouse

I would take any of these outfits if I could have them. All of the components are so feminine and modern.  The refinement of the pieces is noticeable in all the details. 

So there it is, my Monday list.  This is the mental list I make after a weekend of attending children's sports events and seeing so many terrible ensembles.  It sends my to the computer for my virtual shopping fix. 

I can only hope that something from this list will make its way to my home for my upcoming birthday.

The New Denim


I love the new denim.  If you don't know what I am talking about then you haven't been paying attention to the early spring developments in style that are happening all around you.  The new denim is what I want to be wearing when the cold is really gone and I am ready to embrace the new season. 

The new denim is showing up in so many stylish and great ways that I didn't anticipate.  I love seeing spring sandals in a denim fabrication, the sleek jackets, and denim leggings.  I have finally admitted that I like denim leggings.  I think that they will prove to be an invaluable piece upon which an entire spring capsule wardrobe could be built.

These leggings are $185 at Tory Burch

If you want to feel great in the spring, without spending a lot of money on new clothes, then start here.  You can wear these leggings 7 days and 7 ways before any one would catch on that you are in the same pant.  This is a best way to get maximum return on an investment.  Flirty tops, t-shirts, flats, and pumps can all be mixed and matched with these pants. 

My next favorite new denim item... shoes.  I haven't been able to narrow down which denim shoe is my favorite.  I love a great shoe and this spring the freshest fabrication is denim. 

Denim Pom Pom  by Lanvin at Net-a-Porter

Beckett Wedge at Tory Burch

Denim Cross-over Sandal by Lanvin  at Net-a-Porter

There are so many other really great shoes in denim, as well as dresses and accessories that I really do have to show you some more..

Vivienne Westwood Red Label at Net-a-Porter

  Alexander Wang Dress at Revolve Clothing

These are just a few of my favorite denim pieces that are available.  What is so gorgeous about each of these items is that they are still very feminine and flattering.  Sometimes denim can be very mannish and unflattering.  I don't see that being a problem with any of these lovely pieces.


In Memorium: Alexander McQueen


The iconic British fashion designer, Lee Alexander McQueen was found dead today in his London apartment.  His death at 40 years old has left the fashion world stunned and saddened.  He was an amazing and talented individual who inspired all those who have worked with him.  He has touched so many lives with his works.  He was a creative as well as a technical genius.

"On behalf of Lee McQueen's family, Alexander McQueen today announces the tragic news that Lee McQueen, the founder and designer of the Alexander McQueen brand has been found dead at his home. At this stage it is inappropriate to comment on this tragic news beyond saying that we are devastated and are sharing a sense of shock and grief with Lee's family. Lee's family has asked for privacy in order to come to terms with this terrible news and we hope the media will respect this. Samantha Garrett, Spokesperson for Alexander McQueen Int."

Lee McQueen started out learning the finer points of men's tailoring on Savile Row, at some of the more conservative institutions there.  He went on to study at Martin's College of Art and Design.  He had successful endeavors at Givenchy and Gucci before launching his own label, Alexander McQueen.
Known for his dramatic statement pieces and impeccable tailoring, he helped raise the profile of British fashion and was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II in 2003 when she made him a Commander of the British Empire for his fashion leadership. (AP)
Some of McQueen's most iconic looks include symbols of bones and skulls.  His creative genius was often very macabre.  The look of the skull was featured prominently in recent collections, especially in his accessories such as scarves and shoes.
The associated press reports the following information about Lee McQueen's death:

McQueen's sudden death robbed the fashion scene of one of its most innovative and successful young designers. He made his name first in London, then wooed audiences in Paris, New York and Milan to take his place in the upper echelons of the designing world.


The outfit featured above has a skull-print scarf and peep-toe boots designed by Alexander McQueen and available on  

A gorgeous textured leather sandal with McQueen's signature skull zipper.  This shoe is featured in magazines and retailers as being on point for spring... the blue, the denim, the edgy sexiness.  Alexander McQueen could capture all the elements that made a peice iconic and irresistable. 

McQueen's latest collection began flying off the shelves in retail establishments today upon news of his death.  The auction price on Ebay of some older pieces rose steadily upon the news as well. Sadly, Alexander McQueen designs are now collectors items.

Skull Zipper Ballet Flats at