Baby Powder and my Christmas fragrance list


I forgot to include one more fragrance on my Christmas list.  It is called "Baby Powder" and it is made by Demeter Fragrance Library.  If you have never been on the Demeter website you are in for a real suprise.  Demeter doesn't sell blended fragrances it sells stand alone scents.  Baby Powder is clean and fresh and sweet  all at the same time.  I think this would be an ideal scent to use when a heavy scent isn't appropriate but you still want to spritz on something light. This is the best way to bottle up that delicious smell from when your babies were little.

Demeter has other scents like "Dirt" and "Play-Doh" along with "Christmas" and so many more.  I am not interested in putting those on my list. I have four sons, I smell dirt and play-doh already.  I am just hoping that the Baby Powder fragrance is in my stocking.  If there is room left then hopefully the bath oil too.