I am so grateful this time of year for all of the wonderful things in my life. I am especially thankful for my family. That being said, Thanksgiving dinner is the most expensive meal that I will eat all year long. So, I think it is important that I dress up for the occasion. I have never been much for the lounge-wear Thanksgiving when my family members wear T-shirts and sneakers to a meal that took a month to plan and execute.
I am taking a little time this week to plan all of my holiday ensembles. This allow me to plan for the rest of the holiday season and have my clothes plan in place. Girls! Do not fool yourself into thinking that if you put on an orange sweater that you will look autumnal and festive. This isn't dressing for the occasion. This would just be sad.
The shirt in the photo is a great option for Thanksgiving because it is so pretty and has just the right amount of sparkle for dinner in the afternoon or later at night. It also doesn't have any bell-sleeve or other details that will get in the way of last minute cooking or cleanup.
This top available at for less than $90 and free shipping. I am going to wear mine the following 3 ways. Thanksgiving Day I will wear my flirty and feminine top with a great pant and a pretty flat. This outfit will be effortless and functional for cooking and serving. I will get ready while the turkey is in the oven. When I return to the kitchen with my outfit on and hair and makeup down, I put on a long apron, tie my hair loosely, and finish up the details.
The second way I plan to wear this top is to some early-December lunch I have planned. This time my outfit will be a dark jean and a black blazer. This way I am wearing a composed outfit with some sparkle. I want to celebrate the season of course but then again don't need a Christmas Sweater.
The third way I am wearing this top is with a black pencil skirt and gladiator sandals and a great bracelet to a cocktail party with my husband's work. Yeah 3 days 3 ways.
Again, take a little time to make a plan for what you are wearing the next few weeks to all the functions that you are going to. There is always something for the kids, your husband, work, church, and friends. Don't put on your old sweater because you think sweater equals winter equals festive. Look good to feel good.
I am always glad to help with the Holiday Outfit Plan. Look at for more information about planning your best season ever.