I started The Pink Frock because I love clothes. I like to play "closet". I want to rearrange my clothes and refold my sweaters. I think it is because of all of the years I spent folding at Banana Republic. What I have discovered in all my years around clothes is that most people have not spent years folding..

Most people just hang their clothes in their closet in any manner that is convenient without regard to the color or purpose of their garments. I have seen so many closets with wadded up t-shirts and price tags and shopping bags all mixed with dust bunnies and wire hangers. Don't do this to your clothing. It makes so much more work for you. Make your closet a zen space that you can venture to to find some success in the day. Clothes do the talking before you ever open your mouth. Who wants their clothes to say "I am a slob and I don't really value myself enough to put forth an effort". Yet I see this everywhere I go.

The Pink Frock is here to help all of that. I am going to use it to talk about clothes, talk about style, and to help keep it all a little tidier so that we can let our clothes say something really great about us.