Here is my list of my favorite websites of the past year..


Net-a-porter.com- The best clothes and the best style all around

Revolveclothing.com- Current trends, lots of jeans, free shipping

Pearlswimwear.com- A boutique swimwear line with chic feminine style

Neimanmarcus.com- Beautiful clothes, makeup, and accessories, and super sales

Saks.com- tons of shoes, free shipping (if you are a card member), and loyalty perks

Endless.com- Shoes, Shoes, and more shoes. The have free overnight shipping and free return shipping. I can order multiple pairs to my home, try them on, and schedule a pick up from UPS, all in 24 hours. Why would I ever wander the mall again looking for the right shoe?

Polyvore.com- This is like a grown-up version of paper-dolls. This website allows you to mix and match outfits from the internet.


Skinstore.com- loyalty discount, tons of product lines, lots of great information

Beautyhabit.com- Modern Lux Apothecary, check out their Holiday Gift List for super recommendations

Beautysnob.com- This is a blog with great information about products, giveaways, all things beauty. Web Snob 2009 is the summary of all the great sites that Beauty Snob visits.

lockandmane.com- Indulge. Rinse. Repeat. This is the motto at this luxury hair care website. This is the ultimate website for hair care with a dermatologist available for expert advice.

Folica.com- This is like a consumer reports just for hair. This site will tell you all about the shampoo you are considering or provide reviews for a styling tool. Terrific information.


ForeverFitSanDiego.com- This is the website of my personal trainer Deanne Ryder. She has yummy recipes, workout music playlists, and fitness tips.

KarisCookies.com- Kari is a registered dietician who bakes. Her super yummy cookies are made with healthy ingredients like soy, flax, and dried cherries. Once you have a cookie from Kari you will want to keep a supply in the freezer for snacks.

Pearl Swimwear and my dreams of Resort

I know that we aren't even through Holiday yet, but my thoughts are hardly on sweaters and boots now.  I haven't even fully rolled-out my winter gear, this being San Diego and all, but mentally I am moving on.  My thoughts are on the brighter colors of Resort.  I love to see prints emerging from all the black and velvet trappings of Holiday dressing.  Resort is a little preview to what designers will be showing us later in the Spring.  Although I am not going away to the Bahamas or anywhere that requires a Resort wardrobe a girl has to dream. 

-This is Heather -

I wish that I was packing up a suit case full of chic swim suits and little dresses and sandals.  One thing I would be sure to pack is the little jersey dress I just got in the mail from my friend Heather Fish at Pearl Swimwear. It is a shorter version of the Pearl Dress shown above.  It is the most ladylike taupe (It comes in black too!)  and it is going to be so great layered over a long sleeve T and tights in the winter.  I think boots will make the outfit even better.  Then I am going to wear it as a sexy cover-up in the summer with one of my 7 fabulous swim suits from Pearl.

I love all of my swimming suits and have never felt so great in a suit in my life.  I haven't owned a one-piece swim suit since my parents made me wear one to church youth swim activities... or maybe the swim team.  That being said this is no Speedo suit.  These are flattering, feminine, luxurious suits.  Heather says that the Lycra and materials she uses are extra durable and withstand surf, sand, and chlorine.  I wouldn't know because I baby all of my suits like rare and delicate hot-house flowers.  I don't want them to ever ever wear out.  I find myself sitting on one cheek (so to speak) in the hot tub so I don't snag up the bottom.  The suit to the left is called the "Generous" and is one of my favorites.  When I don't have my suits I have them locked up with the family diamonds to keep them safe.

Check out Heather's collection on her website and get on her email list so that you can be the first to see the 2010 collection when it debuts.  Her website also shows the celebrities that have purchased her specialty suits. If you have ever shown up at the beach or the community swimming pool in a swimming suit that you spent a lot of time finding and good money buying, only to discover that the same suit is there on ever other lady, then you should check out Pearl.  This is almost like a swim suit atelier, where the small production runs and limited distribution allow for a very personal experience. In addition to gorgeous styles and quality materials, the fit is incredible. Contact Heather directly because she is a fit expert. She will tell you which suit is going to flatter you best assets and what color and size is your best option.

 So while I am visiting the in-laws and wearing jeans, heavy coat and scarf  I will keep in the back of my mind the lovely clothes that are just about to peek out of winter.  I will be thinking sand, new swim suits, and all the great things that are in store for me in 2010.  Here is to looking fabulous by the pool in the New Year!

Baby Powder and my Christmas fragrance list


I forgot to include one more fragrance on my Christmas list.  It is called "Baby Powder" and it is made by Demeter Fragrance Library.  If you have never been on the Demeter website you are in for a real suprise.  Demeter doesn't sell blended fragrances it sells stand alone scents.  Baby Powder is clean and fresh and sweet  all at the same time.  I think this would be an ideal scent to use when a heavy scent isn't appropriate but you still want to spritz on something light. This is the best way to bottle up that delicious smell from when your babies were little.

Demeter has other scents like "Dirt" and "Play-Doh" along with "Christmas" and so many more.  I am not interested in putting those on my list. I have four sons, I smell dirt and play-doh already.  I am just hoping that the Baby Powder fragrance is in my stocking.  If there is room left then hopefully the bath oil too.

My Pink Perfume Christmas List


This perfume is Addict by Christian Dior. It smells so delicious that I am making sure it goes on the top of my Christmas list. I am making my Christmas list now and one thing that I make sure to include is the perfumes I have been thinking about. Christmas is the only time I get a new fragrance. I love new scents and I really enjoy getting one as a gift. So here are the fragrances I have been thinking about. Hopefully, my husband takes a peek at this list for a little direction. I would hate for Jean Nate body splash to show up in my stocking. All fragrances I have selected are available at Sephora.

My next fragrance pick is Dolce Gabbana Rose the One. I love the smell of rose. I do not like the smell of "Old Lady Rose" or bathroom air freshener rose, but a modern lovely rose is so feminine and lovely.

My third pick is Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne. This incarnation of the YSL Paris is my favorite I think. I have the original Paris, and several of the other variations like Eau de Printemps and Roses Enchantees. The website Frangrantica has details about this floral perfume and all the notes in the original fragrance and the other 82 fragrances by YSL.

"The new fragrance from YSL appears on the market in 2009, romantically named Parisienne, which implicates its Paris fragrance predecessors, as well as its edited bottle design. Besides the official notes of Damask rose, violet, peony, cranberry, patchouli, vetiver, musk and sandalwood, it also contains urban and bold aromas of vinyl and lacquer, reminding us of the specific scent of a cosmetic bag, make – up and high-heels on the hot city asphalt. " - Frangrantica

Ice Cream by Design


I saw this ice cream in In Style Magazine and I went to the website to see for myself the wonder. http://ecreamery.com/ allows you to make your own ice cream flavors. You get to pick the type of ice cream or gelato, the flavor, the mix-ins, and the packaging. I think this is such a clever gift idea. I would love to get Caramel Cashew in a pink pint for my birthday.


I saw it.. my good friend wearing a velour tracksuit to the elementary school Thanksgiving Feast. I have to confess this is my worst nightmare. For me it would go like this... One day I am so busy and working in the home in my sweats when all of a sudden I remember that I have an obligation at the school. So I run out to my child's class only to discover that I am a mess and have my hair in a mess and I am wearing some garbage outfit.

YET... there she was my good friend who had assured my days earlier that she had all of her outfits ready for the Holiday rush of events. Well it turns out that actually she did not. What is the sad thing is that it is not just a matter of you wearing something shabby, the problem is that you will DEFINITELY be photographed by your child's teacher with your son/daughter at the feast, or whatever it may be. THEN, that photo will be displayed on the back wall or in the class slide show or in the year-end scrapbook.

So if you are convinced that the velour tracksuit and messy hair is the way you want to go then just be prepared to make excuses for your appearance every time you see your picture..



I am so grateful this time of year for all of the wonderful things in my life. I am especially thankful for my family. That being said, Thanksgiving dinner is the most expensive meal that I will eat all year long. So, I think it is important that I dress up for the occasion. I have never been much for the lounge-wear Thanksgiving when my family members wear T-shirts and sneakers to a meal that took a month to plan and execute.
I am taking a little time this week to plan all of my holiday ensembles. This allow me to plan for the rest of the holiday season and have my clothes plan in place. Girls! Do not fool yourself into thinking that if you put on an orange sweater that you will look autumnal and festive. This isn't dressing for the occasion. This would just be sad.
The shirt in the photo is a great option for Thanksgiving because it is so pretty and has just the right amount of sparkle for dinner in the afternoon or later at night. It also doesn't have any bell-sleeve or other details that will get in the way of last minute cooking or cleanup.
This top available at http://bananarepublic.com/ for less than $90 and free shipping. I am going to wear mine the following 3 ways. Thanksgiving Day I will wear my flirty and feminine top with a great pant and a pretty flat. This outfit will be effortless and functional for cooking and serving. I will get ready while the turkey is in the oven. When I return to the kitchen with my outfit on and hair and makeup down, I put on a long apron, tie my hair loosely, and finish up the details.
The second way I plan to wear this top is to some early-December lunch I have planned. This time my outfit will be a dark jean and a black blazer. This way I am wearing a composed outfit with some sparkle. I want to celebrate the season of course but then again don't need a Christmas Sweater.
The third way I am wearing this top is with a black pencil skirt and gladiator sandals and a great bracelet to a cocktail party with my husband's work. Yeah 3 days 3 ways.
Again, take a little time to make a plan for what you are wearing the next few weeks to all the functions that you are going to. There is always something for the kids, your husband, work, church, and friends. Don't put on your old sweater because you think sweater equals winter equals festive. Look good to feel good.
I am always glad to help with the Holiday Outfit Plan. Look at http://www.thepinkfrock.com/ for more information about planning your best season ever.

Pink Suitcases


I found something so cute today. It is a website devoted to pink suitcases and travel accessories. Not only do the have all the best quality pink suitcases in their references but the website shows where one can go to get the BEST PRICE.

www.pinksuitcases.co.uk. I liked this leather medium travel case the best. I would love to pack a really great wardrobe into it and go on a little trip with my husband. I don't think it could get better than that.



I started The Pink Frock because I love clothes. I like to play "closet". I want to rearrange my clothes and refold my sweaters. I think it is because of all of the years I spent folding at Banana Republic. What I have discovered in all my years around clothes is that most people have not spent years folding..

Most people just hang their clothes in their closet in any manner that is convenient without regard to the color or purpose of their garments. I have seen so many closets with wadded up t-shirts and price tags and shopping bags all mixed with dust bunnies and wire hangers. Don't do this to your clothing. It makes so much more work for you. Make your closet a zen space that you can venture to to find some success in the day. Clothes do the talking before you ever open your mouth. Who wants their clothes to say "I am a slob and I don't really value myself enough to put forth an effort". Yet I see this everywhere I go.

The Pink Frock is here to help all of that. I am going to use it to talk about clothes, talk about style, and to help keep it all a little tidier so that we can let our clothes say something really great about us. www.thepinkfrock.com